Shipping Insurance.

Built to Scale.

Seamlessly integrating with your business, whether you're an online merchant, brick-and-mortar, or platform partner.

Offer Insurance Directly to Your Customers

An Experience bult for Merchants

We offer the option to add insurance to your checkout cart, providing additional protection and peace of mind to your customers while simultaniously increasing your profitability during the checkout process.

One-Click Protection

A hassle-free checkout experience with comprehensive protection just a click away.

New Revenue

Enjoy a portion of the revenue generated by adding shipping insurance to your checkout process.

Full Market Coverage

Shipment protection up to $5,000 with pricing fit for all budgets for domestic & international shipments.

Protect Your Brand:

Avoid giving your customers a frustrating shopping experience due to unresolved shipment issues.

Designed with your Business in Mind

InsureShip is committed to shipping insurance underwriting excellence for all your business needs. We have over 18 years of experience in the cargo industry and provide worldwide shipping insurance coverage for all carrier.

Worldwide Coverage

InsureShip covers all major domestic and international carriers. We specialize in shipping insurance, protecting you and your customers against lost, damaged, or stolen packages while in transit

Licensed Agents

The InsureShip has a staff of fully licensed in-house agents and claim adjusters

Full Replacement Cost

100% money back guaranteed to your customers when an issue occurs. All claims paid within 5-7 business days

Cost Reduction

InsureShip offers significant cost savings over the shipping carrier coverage while providing real insurance

Modern Shipping Insurance Solutions

A pioneering insurtech shipping insurance provider, combines advanced technology and innovative solutions to transform traditional insurance models.

Authorized by the Dept. of Insurance

Partner with InsureShip and trust in our dedication to professionalism and integrity. As a company regulated by the Department of Insurance, we adhere to rigorous quality benchmarks for transparent policy management, fair dealings, and swift claims settlements. Our commitment to these standards ensures robust protection for your shipments and the assurance that your interests are our top priority

Department of Insurance

Seamless Integrations

InsureShip integrates with most major CRMs in the eCommerce space. Shopify, WooCommerce, Limelight, Konnektive, Orbsa, Blacklight are just a few of our partners.

How Does InsureShip work for you?

Mitigating Financial Risks in Shipping

Our service minimized financial risks associated with shipping, offering protection against loss, damage, or theft.

Protect Your Brand

Prevent shipment issues from tarnishing your brand's image and derailing your customers' shopping experience.

Make Your Customers Happy

With InsureShip, you provide aded value to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and your relationship with them.

Let’s Get Started!

With InsureShip, you're teaming up with the finest insurtech solution available for your e- commerce store. We've designed and built our claims process to scale with your business, with an all-risk coverage underwritten by Navigators and The Hartford, customers can rest easy knowing they are receiving the broadest and most comprehensive coverage in the industry.