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The InsureShip Edge: Real Insurance, Zero Risk

Beware of platforms offering "shipping protection" that falls short of actual insurance. Unlike these unlicensed services, InsureShip is a fully licensed and appointed insurance provider. Why does this matter? Accepting money in exchange for protection from unlicensed platforms could expose your business to legal risks. With us, you're not just getting peace of mind; you're getting a shield against potential legal pitfalls. We shoulder the risk, leaving you free to enjoy your revenue, completely stress-free.

Unmatched Experience

By integrating InsureShip at the checkout point, your customers enjoy an uninterrupted smooth checkout process along with the comfort of knowing their shipment is protected. This superior buying experience will help cultivate a loyal customer base increasing conversions and LTV.

Unlock New Profits, Zero Hassle

Add shipping insurance at checkout and watch your revenue soar—no extra costs, just pure gains

Shield Profits, Satisfy Customers

Activate Package Protection at checkout for a win-win: content customers and safeguarded revenue. Say goodbye to shipping worries!

Plug & Play Partnerships

InsureShip effortlessly syncs with top eCommerce CRMs like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Seamless integration, endless possibilities!


Quick and Easy Onboarding

Fill in the essential details about your business. We're talking basics—no exhaustive forms or endless queries. We value your time as much as you do.


Integrate & Innovate

Got Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento? Great! Our platform seamlessly integrates with these eCommerce giants. Just a few clicks, and voila, you're integrated!


Watch your revenue grow

As soon as you're set-up, your customers can add insurance with just one click during checkout. We take care of the details, so you can concentrate on running your business. That's it! Get insured in minutes and integrate shipping insurance into your store today. Best of all, - we’re so confident you’ll love our program that there are no ironclad, long-term commitments to tie you down or monthly fees.

Your Claims, Our Commitment

Step into a world of insurtech excellence with InsureShip. Our claims process is more than robust; it's a dynamic system that adapts to your business scale. With the backing of Navigators and The Hartford, you're not just insured; you're assured.

Front Door to Final Destination: Porch pirates don't stand a chance
Cost-Inclusive Care: Shipping fees? Already taken care of.
All-Scenario Security: We've got you, even when carriers falter.
Compensation, No Questions: Negligence is not a factor; you're covered.
Regulated and Reputable: Trust us; the Department of Insurance does.

Frequent Questions

What makes InsureShip different from other shipping insurance providers?

We're not just another insurance provider; we're your specialized partner in shipping. With all-risk coverage backed by industry giants like Navigators and The Hartford, we offer the most comprehensive protection in the game.

How easy is it to integrate InsureShip into my eCommerce platform?

Our seamless integration with major eCommerce CRMs like Shopify and WooCommerce means you can get started in no time. It's as easy as click, cover, and carry on!

What's included in the coverage?

Coverage protects your shipment from loss damage or theft in transit. This includes losses beyond the carrier's control. Porch pirates? They're not your problem anymore

Why choose InsureShip over other shipping protection platforms?

Unlike unlicensed platforms, which could expose you to legal risks, InsureShip is a fully licensed insurance provider. We take on the risk, you reap the rewards—stress-free and legally secure.

How does InsureShip handle claims?

Our dynamic claims process is designed to scale with your business. Whether it's proven negligence or an act of God, we've got your back. Just file your claim online, and we handle the rest.

Is InsureShip regulated?

Absolutely, we operate under the Department of Insurance. When you're with InsureShip, you're in secure and regulated hands.

Can offering InsureShip really boost my sales?

You bet! Adding InsureShip at checkout isn't just a feature; it's a trust badge. Merchants have seen conversions increase by up to 20%!

What about long-term commitments?

We offer month-to-month agreements. No long-term commitments, no strings attached. We're all about giving you the freedom to choose.

Why miss out on new revenue? Take action and sign up today to get started!