About Us

InsureShip has been an industry leader for over 15 years.


  • - Management team with 20+ years of insurance background
  • - Fully licensed agent/broker and adjuster team
  • - Powerful and flexible claims offering
  • - Proven track record of maximizing insurance conversions
  • - Customized solution for any client
  • - Open risk / all peril policy
  • Offering one of the best All Risk/Open-Peril worldwide solutions available. Licensed in both property and casualty, we’re able to transact multiple lines of coverage. InsureShip is proud to offer tailored solutions for any situation while remaining in full compliance with each country’s unique regulatory requirements with our insurance platform.

  • InsureShip also worked to develop a suite of additional programs to meet the growing demand of protection in todays eCommerce environment under our InsureShip brand. Our comprehensive protection programs range from digital content to satisfaction guarantee, taking advantage of our licensing to offer superior protection compared to what is currently on the market.

  • With a staff of licensed agents, we are capable of handling any clients needs that may arise, whether it’s a white label solution or running the program under your brand name, we’re here to help!

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