Freight Forwarding Insurance

Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers love InsureShip Shipping Insurance because of our uniquely designed freight forwarding insurance services that are specifically tailored to the needs of freight forwarding brokers. We understand the needs of freight brokers and are able to offer freight forwarding insurance that specifically meets their needs.

Freight Forwarding Shipping Insurance Options to Meet Your Needs

InsureShip Provides Cargo Insurance and Cargo Shipping Insurance specifically tailored to the needs of Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers. Whether you are arranging cargo shipping for a client making one large cargo shipment for a move or relocation or for a company that constantly ships cargo by the thousands on a daily basis we have a freight forwarding shipping insurance solution to meet your needs.

Freight Forwarding Insurance Beyond The Norm

Normally, Cargo carriers only provide legal liability insurance, not all-risk shipping insurance coverage for your entire cargo shipment. InsureShip allows you to provide extra coverage for your shipment with cargo insurance and freight forwarding insurance specifically for the needs of freight brokers.

Because large cargo shipments are much more susceptible to damage than smaller shipments (especially when shipped via freight), providing all-risk cargo shipping insurance is crucial, and InsureShip allows you to provide that additional cargo insurance coverage at rates drastically below what you’ll pay from cargo carriers. This allows you peace of mind with cargo shipping insurance coverage that goes far beyond carrier liability and legal liability.
This additional cargo insurance option helps to increase your bottom line, as you can offer extended coverage to your clients that goes far beyond the minimum.

Freight Forwarding Insurance Benefits with InsureShip

  • All-Risk, Primary Cargo Insurance coverage available for international shipments worldwide.
  • Easy online claims management with the InsureShip Cargo Shipping Insurance Claim Center.
  • The ability to offer additional cargo shipping insurance to your freight forwarding clients to increase your bottom line.
  • Flexible Cargo Insurance rates based on specific commodities, conveyance type, and value.
  • Freight Forwarding Shipping Insurance Coverage available for both Domestic and International Shipments.

You can begin supplementing your bottom line with cargo shipping insurance and guarantee coverage with additional cargo insurance when you provide InsureShip shipping insurance for your freight forwarding clients.

We provide full cargo shipping insurance coverage on all your shipments and have many different programs available that allow for a zero deductible.

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