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Online Shipping Insurance Services, Inc. is underwritten by one of the world's leading specialist insurance market, conducting business in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Together, we bring an outstanding concentration of transportation and insurance specialists expertise and talent, and backed by excellent financial ratings underwriter to offer coverage to worldwide markets.

With one of the leading insurance companies, you can rest assured that your shipments will always be insured to the full extent of their value. And because we are one of the few dedicated insurance companies providing shipping insurance directly to the customer, we can provide customer service and shipping insurance rates far superior to those you’ll find when you insure with major carriers. We can offer insurance with all these major carriers, another advantage of dealing with one of the leading shipping insurance companies.

We are also one of the most flexible shipping insurance companies in the world. We tailor specific shipping insurance plans to those with shipments of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are shipping one valuable item one time, or shipping thousands of items on a daily basis, we have a shipping insurance plan to suit your needs – something unique to dedicated shipping insurance companies.

What Makes InsureShip one of the Top Shipping Insurance Companies

When you insure your shipments you are insuring with one of the top shipping insurance companies in the world, underwritten by respected companies that back your shipments to their full value.

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