Shipping Insurance Options

Shipping Insurance Options

eBay Shipping Insurance

eBay Shipping Insurance helps to increase conversions as customers know their eBay Shipments are guaranteed. InsureShip offers easy eBay Shipping Insurance integration with your present eBay Listings.

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Cargo Shipping Insurance

Cargo Shipping Insurance with InsureShip goes beyond the standard legal liability insurance and minimums normally used by cargo carriers. We insure the full value of your cargo shipments with shipping insurance that protects each individual piece of cargo in your shipment.

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Commercial Shipping Insurance

Commercial Shipping Insurance has a number of benefits for those shipping through commercial channels: We insure the full value of your shipments, allow you to increase your bottom line by offering your customers shipping insurance at discount rates, and give you peace of mind knowing every item in your commercial shipments is fully guaranteed with shipping insurance.

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Export Shipping Insurance

Export Shipping Insurance is an invaluable option for those shipping out of the country and overseas. Export Shipments are more susceptible to damage or being lost as they cover long distances, making insuring the full value of these exports a necessity to ensure your bottom line stays strong.

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Freight Forwarding Insurance

Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers benefit greatly from adding shipping insurance to their clients' shipments. With Shipping Insurance, you'll no longer have to deal with the hassles of lost or damage shipments, as we insure every item to its full value, providing piece of mind to you and your cargo clients.

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Freight Shipping Insurance

Shipping via Freight is wrought with peril for your items. Large shipments can often become damaged or lost in transit, which is why you need our Freight Shipping Insurance Option. Freight Shipping Insurance with InsureShip insures each individual item in your freight shipment to their full value, giving you peace of mind that even the smallest item in a freight shipment is fully insured.

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International Shipping Insurance

International Shipping Insurance with InsureShip gives you full peac-of-mind when ship you ship overseas and around-the-world. We offer full value shipping insurance with all major carriers shipping around the world.

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Logistics Insurance

Logistics insurance from InsureShip is available to suit the logistics insurance needs of a variety of clients. We offer policies for commodities and cargo from the nation's top insurance providers to ensure that our clients get the logistics insurance coverage required to guarantee the value of their shipments.

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Marine Shipping Insurance

Marine Shipping Insurance a crucial addition when shipping on the sea. A lot can happen when you ship products with marine shipments: accidents, water damage and other just normal wear and tear from a long trip can leave items damaged. With our Marine Shipping Insurance options, you can cover the full value of all your shipments.

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Shipping Container Insurance

InsureShip's Shipping Container Insurance insures the full value of your shipment, covering each individual item contained within the shipping container. You’ll never have to worry again about a damaged item in your shipping container, because shipping container insurance covers each individual item to its full value, not just general coverage for the entire container.

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Shipping Insurance Rates

InsureShip offers the most competitve Shipping Insurance Rates on the market. Because we sell shipping insurance directly, we can offer rates much lower than those you'll find when you purchase shipping insurance from a carrier. We can also create a custom shipping insurance rate plan to meet your specific needs.

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